TopicHow to take QB Online Backup?

  • Wed 23rd Sep 2020 - 10:33am

    Why you should choose QuickBooks Online Backup?

    The following is a list of points that will let you know why you should select QuickBooks Online Backup:

    1. Banking errors can be resolved within a brief time.
    2. The team of QuickBooks Online Support will provide you the effective, and one-time solutions to the user who might be facing errors.
    3. Issues related to Finance, Transactions, and Taxation will be fixed.
    4. We help you in case of not having login credentials.

    The main feature of QuickBooks Online Backup is that at the year-end, QuickBooks automatically closes your income and expense accounts. The “Retained Earnings Account will reflect the net profit or loss after the closing. The temporary accounts are closed or reset, and this is called “Closing the Books”.

    It is essential to perform “closing” at the yearend or once you have sent your file to your CPA. Ensure that the data did not change and entered for the correct period. If, however, you end up putting modified data or have mistakenly filled in the wrong period, this will lead to more work for your CPA the following year.

    Working in QuickBooks Online Backup is entirely different from other traditional software programs as you do not perform a “hard close” at the month or year-end. On the other hand, you can close each period if that is more suitable for your business. The data is stored forever in QuickBooks unless you choose to “Condense” it.

    Steps How to set up QuickBooks Online Backup:

    To begin with, actuate Intuit Data Protect

    1.            Go for the option “Back Up Company“.

    2.            Look for “Set Up/Activate Online Backup“.

    3.            Select “Intuit Data Protect” and right-click the green lock symbol

    4.            Then select “Open Intuit Data Protect” and “Initiate Now

    5.            Enter your Intuit Account credentials.

    6.            Select your inclinations and press “Proceed

    At that point, backup Desktop records utilizing Intuit Data Protect

    1.            Open the QuickBooks Add-on, i.e., Intuit Data Protect

    2.            Select “Back up now

    3.            Choose which records to back up, at that point “Proceed

    4.            Click “Back up now

    5.            When a backup is done, select “alright

    QuickBooks Online Backup for Desktop

    You make an Online Backup a similar way you’d make a Local Backup—by choosing “Document,” “Make Backup” and afterward “Online Backup”.

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